Nordstrom Ala Moana is Open!

Aloha Friends! If you live on Oahu, I am sure you have already heard, the brand new Nordstrom is finally open and it is beautiful! The store is open, airy and full of natural light, it definitely puts you in a great mood while shopping. I worked on the branding last year, and finally just saw it all at the Grand Opening too. I was in shock, in a good way! It was amazing to see it on everything, literally everything! Theres even a bus driving around Waikiki featuring it haha. I was so beyond grateful to be a part of the team that put this store together, but also to have my actual products sold here, alongside so many other talented Hawaii designers (MEHawaii, Alison Izu, Janalam, Everything is Jake, Clark Little...just to name a few). If you have a chance, hit the mall and definitely take a look around, youll be sure to go home with a bag full of happiness. 

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Happy New Year!

Hello My Friends! It has been way too long since my last blog post, and so much has happened in that time, which I am going to catch you up on now. One of my goals for 2016 is to do a better job keeping on top of my website. It is so easy to let it fall to the side with everything else going on, but not anymore! Starting the year off strong with a post today and hoping to keep it up every time I have something to share, or an event coming up. I was so blown away this year by the amount of support, love and encouragement I received from all of you, I think the least I can do is keep this up to here we go!

First things first, going all the way back to October. My family took a trip together, to celebrate the milestone of my Mom turning 60. It was the first time ever we have taken a trip together as adults, with our significant others, and it was a blast. I am incredibly blessed to have such amazing siblings, and to be able to take a trip like that together as a family. Half way through the trip, in a friendly, but competitive game of soccer, I fractured my right wrist.  It was a blur, but I believe my immediate reaction was looking at my brother and saying...loudly..."that is my drawing hand!". It has been a long and sometimes frustrating road to recovery, but I am on the mend. I had my first physical therapy appointment today, and am slowly able to work again. It put me in a bit of a funk, but it did help me to refocus my personal and career goals, I feel like I am entering 2016 with a new level of clarity and drive. My incredibly kind and supportive husband helped to keep me on track too. Always lending a helping hand, literally, as well as a constant solid voice of reason.

I spent November and December in Hawaii, I was able to keep my same studio in Kailua, which has been so helpful for this bicoastal lifestyle my Husband and I are trying out. I didnt realize how much I missed it in Hawaii until I stepped off the plane. The breeze and freshness in the air brought instant happiness. While there, I participated in a Honolulu Night Market, had two personal appearances at Nordstrom to promote the new store with my designs and the products they carry, attended the store opening for Hakunbundo, had several photo shoots with new clients and magazines, as well as a ton of meetings. Plus a little beach time and lots of time catching up with friends. It was definitely a packed and productive two months! I will post more details about each as I have more pictures, in the meantime, there is a little sneak peek below. 

I also worked on several fun design jobs, which will also be posted to my design section once the finals are in. They include, a wetsuit line, temporary tattoos, patterns for a local bag company, and a coloring book, you can also see mini previews below. 

Lastly! One of my main goals for 2016 was to expand my product line. Thankfully I was able to get all the work done I wanted to for that before breaking my wrist, and the products are just now starting to come in. I have had so much fun and success with the little white clutches, those are still available, but now in more than one pattern. I am working on a third, as well as a higher end bag. I now also have a line of printed trucker hats, which will be available in 4 different designs, as well as two new t-shirts. My shop is turned off while I am in Florida, but will be back up and running in March, where you can see and purchase the new items. They will also be available at select retail locations in Hawaii, including Sand People and Nordstroms. Stay posted to see when and where. 

All in all 2015 really was an amazing year. I had my first trip to Japan, a goal I have been working towards for three years (I am going back again twice this summer!) I met and collaborated with so many incredible and inspiring people, worked on a new line of paintings, revamped my website, partially moved to Florida, and so much more. I truly can say, I would not be able to do all that I do if it was not for the support I feel from all of you. One of my main motivators to working is having the chance to connect with new people, and seeing people smile. A very genuine and heartfelt thank you to all of you. Much Love and Aloha to all of you as you enter in to the New Year. 

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Tampa Bound and Store Locations

Aloha My Friends! What a summer it has been! I still need to write a blog about the show and trip to Japan (that will be the next one, I promise!). Many of you have been asking via email lately where you can find my work, I created a map (pictured below) to show you which store and what Island you can find them on. You can also follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, under Lauren Roth Art, to always stay up with the latest. I update those almost daily...unlike this blog! As you might know, my webshop is closed for the next few weeks, normally you can find all of my products on there as well. In the meantime, thank you for shopping local and for all the love and support of my work. The second bit of news, which you may have gathered by the title of this post, is that I am working from Tampa for the next few months! My husband works for Whole Foods and was recently promoted to a position down here. We came down together in April to find a place to live, and then I went back to Hawaii to prepare for Japan. I still have my studio in Kailua, and will continue working in both states. So far I love the vibe of Florida, it seems to be thriving with art and culture. I would love to meet and connect with anyone in the area, please feel free to email me and reach out. I will be heading back to Hawaii around the holidays for a few upcoming shows, stay posted for all the details as to when and where. Have a great week everyone! Aloha. 

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Summer Sale!

Aloha Friends! I just updated the shop section with brand new greeting cards, postcards and the last of the hand painted trucker hats.  I will be closing the webshop the first week of August through October, stock up while you can! Enter the code "Julylove" to save 10% on all orders. Any order over $100 comes with a free Aloha Tote. Thank you for all the love and support!

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Aloha and Konnichiwa from Osaka!

Hello Friends! I am finally here and all set up in Japan for the Hawaii Fair, happening this week in Osaka. If you live in Japan, come say Hello today through the 7th, from 10-8 at the Hankyu Department store. I've been blown away with love and support the past two days from all of you. I am so happy to be here and to have met everyone that has stopped by. Looking forward to more laughs, smiles and pictures with all of you. Filled with Aloha!

Filled With Joy

Aloha my friends! I am sitting in complete bliss today after such an incredible day yesterday. To extend my feelings of Joy and Gratitude to you all, I am having 10% off everything from now till Thursday. Use the Code: JOYFUL during checkout in order to receive your discount. Thank you all so much for coming to Ocean Fest yesterday, and to those who also went to support World Oceans Day. It was beautiful meeting and seeing you all, I couldn't be more filled with Joy!

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A Fun Weekend Ahead Friends!

Aloha Friends! This Saturday kicks off a week long celebration of the Ocean. First up, Ocean Fest, a fun filled day at the beautiful Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore. I will be there from 11-4 on Saturday with a booth full of brand new art, prints, clutches, tees, bags and the very last round of hand painted hats. I have 13 available, come get yours before they are gone forever! Find all the event details here:

Second event of the day is at the Honolulu Museum of Art, to kick off World Ocean Day (week). Although it is a week full of amazing activities, it is for an incredible cause and to educate the public on Ocean Conservation.  I was honored to create the poster for the event this year. Youc an find me there Saturday night from 6-9. For more info and to purchase tickets, check out their website here:

The last bit of exciting news is that I am selling a limited edition run of the poster! Each one is numbered and signed, printed on 12x16  hand deckled watercolor paper. There are only 50 available, come to the event Saturday night to pick one up, or head over to the shop section of my page. 


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Paintings are Posted!

Aloha Friends! Thank you for all the love and encouragement on Facebook and Instagram as I posted sneak peaks these last two weeks. It helped me to stay focused while in the studio. Well all that hard work and time paid off, I now have 11 new paintings to bring with me to Japan! Below is a little sneak peak, hop on over to the next page (Artwork) to see all of them. I also updated my design section with the latest jobs completed. The originals will be posted for sale once I return from Japan in July. 

You can find me this weekend at the North Shore Oceanfest, at the Turtle Bay Resort from 11-4. These beauties will be there, along with tees, clutches and more. Come enjoy a relaxing afternoon on the North Shore, for a good cause. Like, Comment, and Share for the chance to win a Lauren Roth Reusable Tote. The winner will be announced on Thursday. Enjoy!

Painting Away

Aloha friends! I hope you are all enjoying a beautiful spring. I have been a busy bee painting away in the studio and getting everything together for my upcoming trip to Japan. I am working on 8 new paintings, as well as new tees, clutches, hats and wood art. If you follow me on instagram or facebook, you can see a daily sneak peak of what is new. If you live on Oahu you can find me on the North Shore on June 6th for World Ocean Day. I will have a booth at the Turtle Bay Resort, displaying and selling everything new. Stay posted for more pictures and details!

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Aloha My Friends

Hi Everyone! I am back from my travels and have so many new things to share with you! For starters, heres a little peak at the trek through South East Asia. I had dreams of drawing and painting everyday, but in reality, I only painted maybe five times. I did come back with a brain full of ideas though, that I am looking forward to getting down on paper. 

I am also very excited to share with you my new collaboration line with Nautica! They licensed four paintings of mine last year to use for their Spring 2015 line...aka now! They also featured me on their blog. You can see it below, but also check out my facebook (Lauren Roth Art) for a link to the entire article. 

Last, but certainly not least, I am beyond excited to announce that I was invited to Japan this summer for a week long solo show and event! I can hardly contain my gratitude, thankfulness and excitement for this incredible opportunity and all the people who helped me get there. I will be creating an entire new line of paintings and products for this event. Please stay tuned and connected through Facebook, Instagram and here of course to see what is happening and how things are coming along. 

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Art and Garage Sale

Aloha my friends! I am having a little art and garage sale at my house on Saturday, the 28th. There will be hats, bags, clutches, prints, tees and household things. Last chance to scoop up product before I head off island for over two months! Check back on Friday to see the final details, such as my address. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Fun Times at the Night Market

HUGE thank you to everyone who came to the Honolulu Night Market last night, what a blast! I love seeing familiar faces and always meeting new people. Thank you for all the love and support, I hope you are all enjoying your new goodies!

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Find Me TONIGHT at the Honolulu Night Market

Those of you who live on Oahu, or are familiar with the urban scene, I am sure have heard about POW WOW! For those of you who havent it, its not something you want to miss! Artist from all over the world come to Oahu to paint our already beautiful city with incredibly amazing murals. I met one of my best friends and favorites artist, Jamie Allen, in Kakaako last week to check out the scene and was blown away by this years talent. Tonight is not only the Night Market, it is also the wrap up party for POW WOW...and I was lucky enough to score a booth in the warehouse! Find me tonight at Stall S for mega deals on all of my products. I will be traveling for the next few months so I am cleaning out my inventory. There will be hats, tees, bags, prints and original art and more. Come say hello!

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Valentines Day Sale

Aloha friends! Can you believe it's already February, where did January go! In case you havent noticed already, there are a ton of new products now available in the SHOP section. New hats, bags, and my favorite, organic tees. In honor of the new products and shopping local for Valentines Day I am having 15% off everything. Shop February 2nd through the 8th to save and in order to get your goodies in time for that special someone this year. Enter the code "CUPID" at checkout to receive your savings. 

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New Year New Things!

Aloha Friends! Wishing you all a very happy and very belated New Year! I had a few very good friends from college visiting recently. One happens to be a photographer, he was nice enough to photograph my hats. We had a blast dressing up and finding fun locations to take them in.  Heres a little sneak peak, more to come soon! 

On another exciting note I have brand new products available and posted in the shop section. Two new organic t-shirts, also pictured below, along with clutches, bags, hats and more. Enjoy!

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Mele Kalikimaka

Aloha my friends! Wishing you a very Merry and Bright Holiday season. Thank you for all the orders, I hope everyone who received something from my site enjoyed it! I love hearing from happy customers, if you have any pictures or comments on the products you ordered, please feel free to share with me. 

I am lucky enough to be spending this Christmas with three of my best friends from SCAD. Its been a blast having them here, showing them around the island and talking art. We even had the chance to meet Santa!

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Flash Sale Happening NOW!

Aloha Friends! I was hoping to host an open studio this weekend, but I did not have the chance to get it all together. Instead I am offering another sale on my site, today through Tuesday. Enter the code "FLASH" at checkout to receive 20% off your entire order! I just posted new bags and a limited number of prints. I hope you enjoy...and shop till ya drop!

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Once again blown away by everyones kindness and generosity. Thank you so much to all who shopped local today. It was such a pleasure meeting new people and seeing old friends. I hope you all enjoy your brand new goodies!

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Holiday Shopping this Weekend!

Aloha Friends! I was just invited last minute to be a part of A Pinch of Salt tomorrow. I will be there from 11-4 at the Agora, which is next door to main warehouse. Come find me for amazing deals on all my artwork, and brand new clutches, bags, hats and tshirts!

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