Brand New Home Decor, Coming to Lauren Roth Art soon!

Home Decor Galore! I am so excited to finally see this come to fruition! Home decor has always been something I have wanted to create, but with my focus being on artwork and accessories, it kept on getting pushed to the side. Last year I was contacted by Island Plantations, a local Hawaii company, to create an exclusive home decor line for them. After months of sketching, drawing, painting, and meetings, we finally finalized not one, but TWO complete home decor lines. And now, after a year of production, they are finally ready to enjoy! Each consists of three pillow options, coffee mugs, an entire dinnerware set, as well as serving bowls, and they are beautiful! One line features the tranquil colors and flow of the ocean, with teal rainbow colored seashells sprinkled throughout. The other is so vibrant and lush, you will feel like you are sitting right among the tropics of Hawaii. Although each is unique, every piece is sold separately, so you can mix and match however you like. The best part is, everything will be available at my brand new Lauren Roth Art Boutique, opening this Fall in Kailua! (more details to come on that soon). You can also view the line by visiting the Island Plantation website, where it is sold throughout Hawaii and the Mainland. I will also have a small selection available on my website this November. Happy decorating friends!

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HN1807 AY Lauren Roth Pillows 3537 copy.jpg
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