Mohala Eyewear x Lauren Roth Art!


I am so excited to have partnered up with Local Eyewear Guru, Ashley of Mohala Eyewear for this blog feature, and special $10 promo! Ashley started a newsletter campaign to feature women at the heart of the "female evolution". She chose women who she felt could help speak to the role of being a working woman, who also balances a household, family and a life! These questions really made me think, and also appreciate where I am in life and business, and the partner I am lucky to share it with. Check out the interview here:
And as a special bonus, if you purchase a pair of Mohala Eyewear, you will receive $10 off anything on my website! To top it off, Mohala Eyewear donates one week of school to Room to Read Girls Education with EVERY PURCHASE. Talk about amazing women!! Find and shop this unique eyewear here:

Check out more about Mohala Eyewear, and what makes it such a beautiful company below. 

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