Holiday Cheer, Christmas Joy at Betty X Joe

I am still smiling this big today thinking about last night ⭐️ My heart is full of gratitude for everyone who came to the show, fellow artist, old friends and new, friends from Japan, to my hubby for all the help, to @bettyxjoe for hosting us and for @honolulumag for the beautiful photo. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Sharing time, and talking to each one of you makes me feel so fulfilled and happy. Definitely feeling the holiday Love and Cheer thanks to all of you wonderful people and the joy you bring ✨ I am sorry all these photos are of me, I did not have a chance to take pics throughout the night. Thankfully Nikki, from Honolulu Magazine was there to snag a few. If any of you took pics in front of the Selfie wall, I would love to see! Please hashtag is as #🌴wallkailua - Prints of my two new pieces are available in the Shop!

Lauren RothComment