New Art, New Products, New Season

Aloha friends, Happy Almost Summer Solstice! Can you believe its Summer time again already? Isn't this the best time of year, long days, cool breezes, BBQs with friends and family. It is hard not to feel happy and thankful. Summer for me always consists of lots of shows, new collections and traveling. I just finished up my new line of paintings, which are below, and in the "Artwork" section. These paintings are coming to Japan with me next week, the first show is in Osaka, and the second is in Tokyo. You can also see beautiful giclees hanging in the Turtle Bay Art Gallery, or find me at the Haleiwa Art Festival in July. (A full description of the summer events is in the previous post). I also have a ton of brand new clutches, totes, temporary tattoos, prints and postcards! Once I have the photos done, everything will be online and ready to be shopped. Give my Facebook or Instagram a like to stay in the loop and for daily updates!

I am also so happy to announce that my Husband and I are back to Hawaii full time! I was commuting between Kailua and Tampa this past year, while my husband worked for the Florida Whole Foods. He recently started a new job with Good Clean Food, which is located right in Kailua. We just moved into our new place and are finally getting settled, and I just finished setting up my brand new studio. Although the time in Florida was fun, it feels so good to be back together, and back to Hawaii. Not to mention, it is amazing having his helping hand again when work gets a little too hectic for one person... We matted over 250 prints this weekend, I would have never been able to complete that on my own!

I also wanted to share with you the massive mural I just finished for Nordstrom Waikiki, which will be opening in the fall. The original is roughly 19x20, it is going to be blown up to 13 x 14 feet and placed on the main entrance. I cannot wait to see it in person! The wanted all green, all Hawaii plants and flowers. 


Please make sure to stop by and say hello at the Summer events, or shoot me an email with any thoughts or questions. I love to hear from and meet you all. Have a wonderful day and rest of the week!

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