Happy New Year!

Hello My Friends! It has been way too long since my last blog post, and so much has happened in that time, which I am going to catch you up on now. One of my goals for 2016 is to do a better job keeping on top of my website. It is so easy to let it fall to the side with everything else going on, but not anymore! Starting the year off strong with a post today and hoping to keep it up every time I have something to share, or an event coming up. I was so blown away this year by the amount of support, love and encouragement I received from all of you, I think the least I can do is keep this up to date....so here we go!

First things first, going all the way back to October. My family took a trip together, to celebrate the milestone of my Mom turning 60. It was the first time ever we have taken a trip together as adults, with our significant others, and it was a blast. I am incredibly blessed to have such amazing siblings, and to be able to take a trip like that together as a family. Half way through the trip, in a friendly, but competitive game of soccer, I fractured my right wrist.  It was a blur, but I believe my immediate reaction was looking at my brother and saying...loudly..."that is my drawing hand!". It has been a long and sometimes frustrating road to recovery, but I am on the mend. I had my first physical therapy appointment today, and am slowly able to work again. It put me in a bit of a funk, but it did help me to refocus my personal and career goals, I feel like I am entering 2016 with a new level of clarity and drive. My incredibly kind and supportive husband helped to keep me on track too. Always lending a helping hand, literally, as well as a constant solid voice of reason.

I spent November and December in Hawaii, I was able to keep my same studio in Kailua, which has been so helpful for this bicoastal lifestyle my Husband and I are trying out. I didnt realize how much I missed it in Hawaii until I stepped off the plane. The breeze and freshness in the air brought instant happiness. While there, I participated in a Honolulu Night Market, had two personal appearances at Nordstrom to promote the new store with my designs and the products they carry, attended the store opening for Hakunbundo, had several photo shoots with new clients and magazines, as well as a ton of meetings. Plus a little beach time and lots of time catching up with friends. It was definitely a packed and productive two months! I will post more details about each as I have more pictures, in the meantime, there is a little sneak peek below. 

I also worked on several fun design jobs, which will also be posted to my design section once the finals are in. They include, a wetsuit line, temporary tattoos, patterns for a local bag company, and a coloring book, you can also see mini previews below. 

Lastly! One of my main goals for 2016 was to expand my product line. Thankfully I was able to get all the work done I wanted to for that before breaking my wrist, and the products are just now starting to come in. I have had so much fun and success with the little white clutches, those are still available, but now in more than one pattern. I am working on a third, as well as a higher end bag. I now also have a line of printed trucker hats, which will be available in 4 different designs, as well as two new t-shirts. My shop is turned off while I am in Florida, but will be back up and running in March, where you can see and purchase the new items. They will also be available at select retail locations in Hawaii, including Sand People and Nordstroms. Stay posted to see when and where. 

All in all 2015 really was an amazing year. I had my first trip to Japan, a goal I have been working towards for three years (I am going back again twice this summer!) I met and collaborated with so many incredible and inspiring people, worked on a new line of paintings, revamped my website, partially moved to Florida, and so much more. I truly can say, I would not be able to do all that I do if it was not for the support I feel from all of you. One of my main motivators to working is having the chance to connect with new people, and seeing people smile. A very genuine and heartfelt thank you to all of you. Much Love and Aloha to all of you as you enter in to the New Year. 

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