Find Me TONIGHT at the Honolulu Night Market

Those of you who live on Oahu, or are familiar with the urban scene, I am sure have heard about POW WOW! For those of you who havent it, its not something you want to miss! Artist from all over the world come to Oahu to paint our already beautiful city with incredibly amazing murals. I met one of my best friends and favorites artist, Jamie Allen, in Kakaako last week to check out the scene and was blown away by this years talent. Tonight is not only the Night Market, it is also the wrap up party for POW WOW...and I was lucky enough to score a booth in the warehouse! Find me tonight at Stall S for mega deals on all of my products. I will be traveling for the next few months so I am cleaning out my inventory. There will be hats, tees, bags, prints and original art and more. Come say hello!

Lauren RothComment