ANA Collaboration!

I teamed up with ANA Japan for the launching of their brand new “Hawaii Collection” line!

My design, “Kupulau” (meaning spring), was created exclusively for ANA and is now available as a collection of travel goods. Seeing these come together is making me want to hop on a plane and go on an adventure ✈️ The products are available in flight, as well as in their stores in Japan.

Check out the links below to see the line they created:…

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Rip Curl Collaboration!

I am so excited to finally announce this....

Rip Curl and I collaborated last year to create a collection and it has officially launched today!

There are suits, tees, hats, a sweatshirt, a tote, a beach bag and more! It has been a dream to work with a brand like Rip Curl forever. Then to actually have the chance to work with them, getting to know their team and brand even more has been so special. Watching this collection come to life has been the best. Thank you Rip Curl!!

You can shop the whole collection online:

As well as in stores, and surf shops around the US.

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Brand New Home Decor, Coming to Lauren Roth Art soon!

Home Decor Galore! I am so excited to finally see this come to fruition! Home decor has always been something I have wanted to create, but with my focus being on artwork and accessories, it kept on getting pushed to the side. Last year I was contacted by Island Plantations, a local Hawaii company, to create an exclusive home decor line for them. After months of sketching, drawing, painting, and meetings, we finally finalized not one, but TWO complete home decor lines. And now, after a year of production, they are finally ready to enjoy! Each consists of three pillow options, coffee mugs, an entire dinnerware set, as well as serving bowls, and they are beautiful! One line features the tranquil colors and flow of the ocean, with teal rainbow colored seashells sprinkled throughout. The other is so vibrant and lush, you will feel like you are sitting right among the tropics of Hawaii. Although each is unique, every piece is sold separately, so you can mix and match however you like. The best part is, everything will be available at my brand new Lauren Roth Art Boutique, opening this Fall in Kailua! (more details to come on that soon). You can also view the line by visiting the Island Plantation website, where it is sold throughout Hawaii and the Mainland. I will also have a small selection available on my website this November. Happy decorating friends!

HN1807 AY Style - Lauren Roth -20.jpg
HN1807 AY Lauren Roth Pillows 3537 copy.jpg
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Mohala Eyewear x Lauren Roth Art!


I am so excited to have partnered up with Local Eyewear Guru, Ashley of Mohala Eyewear for this blog feature, and special $10 promo! Ashley started a newsletter campaign to feature women at the heart of the "female evolution". She chose women who she felt could help speak to the role of being a working woman, who also balances a household, family and a life! These questions really made me think, and also appreciate where I am in life and business, and the partner I am lucky to share it with. Check out the interview here:
And as a special bonus, if you purchase a pair of Mohala Eyewear, you will receive $10 off anything on my website! To top it off, Mohala Eyewear donates one week of school to Room to Read Girls Education with EVERY PURCHASE. Talk about amazing women!! Find and shop this unique eyewear here:

Check out more about Mohala Eyewear, and what makes it such a beautiful company below. 

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LeSportSac x Lauren Roth Art Collaboration

Hey Everyone! I have been holding in this secret for almost a year now...and have been bursting at the seams keeping it in! Well today, I can finally announce that I teamed up with LeSportsac to create a Hawaii Exclusive line of designs. The main fabric design is called Uluwehi, which means in Hawaiian "growing in beauty, a place where beautiful plants thrive" - I think the fabric's lush pattern and vibrance perfectly captures that expression. The main pattern will be on all their bags, and as the inside lining for the smaller purses. In addition to the main design, there are also three variations of Aloha, that will be featured on totes and mini accessories. 

It has always been a dream of mine to work with this great company, so to see this come to life has truly been amazing. I cannot wait to share more photos of the actual products, and the launch party with you. 

The launch party is taking place on June 22nd, from 7-9 at the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center! There will be tasty treats, drinks and a give away. I hope to see you there!

Holiday Cheer, Christmas Joy at Betty X Joe

I am still smiling this big today thinking about last night ⭐️ My heart is full of gratitude for everyone who came to the show, fellow artist, old friends and new, friends from Japan, to my hubby for all the help, to @bettyxjoe for hosting us and for @honolulumag for the beautiful photo. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Sharing time, and talking to each one of you makes me feel so fulfilled and happy. Definitely feeling the holiday Love and Cheer thanks to all of you wonderful people and the joy you bring ✨ I am sorry all these photos are of me, I did not have a chance to take pics throughout the night. Thankfully Nikki, from Honolulu Magazine was there to snag a few. If any of you took pics in front of the Selfie wall, I would love to see! Please hashtag is as #🌴wallkailua - Prints of my two new pieces are available in the Shop!

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Its The Most Wonderful Time of Year!

Can you believe the Holidays are here already....I can't! But I do LOVE this time of year, the music, decorations, warm drinks (even in Hawaii) and the all around feeling of Love and Joy that is in the air. I have 5 events around the Island this year, plus 24/7 shopping on my website, which ships worldwide. I am looking forward to all of these events, but most especially the December 9th show at BettyXJoe in Kailua. I will be releasing a new painting, and two new, very limited edition, Tshirt designs. There will be music, pupus, drinks and an all around amazing time. Check the flyers below for all the details. 

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Live Mural Painting at the Surfjack!

Hawaii hosted its first ever #Instameet recently, and it was awesome! Honolulu Magazine held it at the coolest hotel in town, the Surfjack, and they asked me to paint a live mural! Guests were encouraged to mingle, enjoy tasty drinks and complete a scavenger hunt in order to win prizes. Part of the the hunt, was to add a little something to my mural. It was such a fun experience painting live like that, seeing people expressing themselves and having fun painting. I truly am so grateful for these opportunities to meet such amazing people all the time, it is what makes me happiest about being an artist. 

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Bringing a mini Pow Wow to Kailua!

Next time youre strolling through Kailua, make sure to take a pit stop at the cutest boutique on Kihapai Street, Betty X Joe. The new owner worked on a complete rebranding, one part being these awesome, tropical palms I painted on the outside wall. Hashtag yourself in front of it with #Palmwallkailua. I cant wait to see all your awesome photos out there!

Below are pictures from day done, with a fresh set of brushes and paints, all the way through to the last day, where I was gifted an incredible Haku Flower Crown. 

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Solo Show Fun!

This post is very overdue...the show was over a month ago already! Cant believe that much time has already gone by. It was the best night, filled with the best people. The gallery was buzzing all night! I am incredibly thankful for everyone who came out to the show for everyone's help in putting it together, especially the awesome team at The GreenroomGallery Hawaii Gallery and my main man Jon Fenny, and for all the love from family and friends near and far! It is a dream to be able to do this and it wouldn't be possible without all of you. My art and products are now permanently up at the Green Room Gallery. Be sure to check it out next time you're on Oahu, or in Waikiki!

I also want to give a very special shout out to Ari South too for making that beautiful dress, and Jon's Aloha shirt, featuring the our collaboration patterns, I love them! To see more of this collaboration, check out the design section of my website. Aloha friends!

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Tropical Vibes, A Solo Show

Please save the date for January 26th, and join me for a very special evening at the Green Room Gallery in the International Marketplace. It is the Grand Opening of my Solo Show, Tropical Vibes! The show will feature 15 brand new, beautifully framed Paintings and Black and White drawings as well as clutches, hats and prints. There will also be an exciting, limited edition product I created in collaboration with Mie from HeavenlyMe! 

The event is hosted by the GreenRoom Gallery, located in the Banyan Courtyard at the International Marketplace (2330 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815). The parking entrance is located at the intersection of Kuhio Ave and Walina St. A minimum purchase of $10 at any store is required for validation, including anything of mine you purchase from the Gallery. The event is free and open to the public, please share and invite friends! Contact me with any questions, I hope to see you all there. 

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Honolulu Fashion Week

This past weekend was the Third Annual Honolulu Fashion Week. I have been secretly collaborating with the incredible Ari South, creating Illustrations for her to turn into fabric. Ari has strong ties to the Hula Community, she wanted to create pieces that represented different Hawaiian Legends and Gods. It was truly an amazing experience researching Hawaiian history and the meaning behind plants and flowers which I had never known before. The line was presented at Friday's Local Luxe fashion show,  it was so exciting seeing these, and Aris vision come down the runway! I cannot wait to share with all of you the rest of the patterns and designs, which are coming soon!

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Boys and Girls Club Collaboration

I am so honored to have had the opportunity to collaborate on this piece, and the bring so much color and happiness to the new Boys and Girls Club in Kailua. The piece is called “Hau’oli”, which means “happy” or “joy”, was created by Me, Leanna Wolff, Colleen Wilcox and Jamie Allen. Our goal was to add to the incredible space for young boys and girls of Kailua, and to hopefully inspire them all to follow their dreams too.  

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Amazing July!

Aloha from Hawaii again friends! I am back to my little apartment, on a tiny dead end in quiet Kailua, and it feels so good to be home. My heart is completely full of happiness and gratitude after this past month. Between the Haleiwa Arts Festival, and the Isetan Tokyo Show, I can honestly say I am blown away by all of you, your kindness, love and support. I had expectations of how each event would go, but both exceeded anything I could have imagined. I will be hosting a sale on my webshop next week as a Thank you to everyone. 

In the meantime, I am slowly catching up on emails, website edits and client meetings. Stay posted for all the exciting collaborations that are coming up around Hawaii soon. 

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Osaka Success!

Aloha friends! I am back to Hawaii this week, after an incredible time again in Osaka. The show at Hankyu was a huge success. I was blown away by how many people came back to say hi from last year, and the amount of new people I met, it is a feeling of happiness and gratitude I cannot explain. I want to also give a very special thank you to the Hankyu team that brought me over, as well as all of the sweet people that worked at my booth throughout week, I could not have done it without your amazing help. 

My summer is still jam packed with events, you can find me this weekend, July 16th and 17th at the Haleiwa Art Festival. Another favorite event of mine, its such a great day, enjoying the beautiful North Shore out in the sun. Right after that, on Monday morning, I head back to Japan for another 5 day show. This will be my first time in Tokyo, it is at the Isetan Department store. Tokyo friends, find me there from July 20 - 25th - I am very excited to meet you all!

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New Art, New Products, New Season

Aloha friends, Happy Almost Summer Solstice! Can you believe its Summer time again already? Isn't this the best time of year, long days, cool breezes, BBQs with friends and family. It is hard not to feel happy and thankful. Summer for me always consists of lots of shows, new collections and traveling. I just finished up my new line of paintings, which are below, and in the "Artwork" section. These paintings are coming to Japan with me next week, the first show is in Osaka, and the second is in Tokyo. You can also see beautiful giclees hanging in the Turtle Bay Art Gallery, or find me at the Haleiwa Art Festival in July. (A full description of the summer events is in the previous post). I also have a ton of brand new clutches, totes, temporary tattoos, prints and postcards! Once I have the photos done, everything will be online and ready to be shopped. Give my Facebook or Instagram a like to stay in the loop and for daily updates!

I am also so happy to announce that my Husband and I are back to Hawaii full time! I was commuting between Kailua and Tampa this past year, while my husband worked for the Florida Whole Foods. He recently started a new job with Good Clean Food, which is located right in Kailua. We just moved into our new place and are finally getting settled, and I just finished setting up my brand new studio. Although the time in Florida was fun, it feels so good to be back together, and back to Hawaii. Not to mention, it is amazing having his helping hand again when work gets a little too hectic for one person... We matted over 250 prints this weekend, I would have never been able to complete that on my own!

I also wanted to share with you the massive mural I just finished for Nordstrom Waikiki, which will be opening in the fall. The original is roughly 19x20, it is going to be blown up to 13 x 14 feet and placed on the main entrance. I cannot wait to see it in person! The wanted all green, all Hawaii plants and flowers. 


Please make sure to stop by and say hello at the Summer events, or shoot me an email with any thoughts or questions. I love to hear from and meet you all. Have a wonderful day and rest of the week!

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Upcoming Summer Events!

Aloha Friends! I hope you all are having a wonderful May and Spring. I have been super busy painting away in the studio, finishing up design jobs and working on a new line of paintings for all my summer events. Below is a map of when and where you can find me this summer! Please email me with any questions, and be sure to give me a like on Facebook and Instagram (LaurenRothArt) for sneak peaks of everything new!

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Work Work and more Awesome Work!

Aloha friends, Im so excited to finally share these designs with you! A few months back I was asked to create the in store signage and marketing for PLAZA, a retail store with over 120 locations in Japan. The art I created will be printed and used in their stores for a 3 week Hawaii Promotion, starting on May 9th. It was such a fun challenge working on this, and pushing myself to create a cohesive set of work that would represent Hawaii in a unique and new way. I will be posting the final photos to the design section once they're ready. There will also be a fun give away coming up. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook to find out when and how to enter. 

I have so a few more jobs that I am wrapping up this month, along with a brand new line of paintings and products! Make sure to check back in the next few weeks. 

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Happy Birthday Whole Foods Market Kailua and Happy Earth Day Friends!

Hey Kailua friends - check out my work this week, hanging in the floral department of Whole Foods Market Kailua - in celebration of their 4 year birthday and Earth Day.

Working as an artist and designer for Whole foods was my first ever, and only job after college before going full time art. It's how I met my main man and also what brought us out to this beautiful island so many years ago. Although I don't work for them anymore, I feel such a strong connection and feeling of gratitude to them, so happy to be featured in the store this week as a Local Kailua Artist.

Thank you Whole Foods for the display and Happy Birthday!!

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Summer 2016 Line Coming Soon!

Aloha friends, Happy Monday and Happy April! I have been super busy in the studio the last few weeks finishing up freelance work and creating patterns for my Summer 2016 collection. I have 5 shows coming up in the next few months, three in Hawaii and two in Japan. One of my goals was to not only create new paintings, but also to have a whole new line of products for sale. Below is a little sneak of the patterns that I have been working on. Stay tuned to see what they will be used on and where you will be able to pick one up once they're ready. 

In other very exciting news, my coloring book is now available for pre order! I will also have a limited edition available on my shop starting in June. But if you would like to guarantee you will get one, place your order on Amazon or Barnes and Noble now, they are even on sale at the moment! Check it out. 

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